We're ready for holiday party season. Are you? Our design pals at Tinsel & Twine got us in the spirit by taking over the styling of 501 Union and the Green Building to celebrate the beautiful mess of a stellar holiday party's aftermath. They left us with some tips on creating an atmosphere for guests to dance all night! Read through for their expert advice on hosting an unforgettable experience! 

1) Create a stylish lounge area that provides the perfect place for guests to perch, drop glasses, and kick of shoes between dance sets. 

2) Since guests will likely be spending quite a bit of time at the bar, we like to use this space as a blank canvas for striking flowers, lights, or other decor details.

3) The venues feel polished without being stuffy, and intimate with enough floorspace for spins and  high-kicks. Our clients have always had an amazing time there. And any given party tends to look like this by the end of the night: a beautiful mess!

4) We love the Gatsby-esque spectacle of serpentine streamers. Pick a big moment-- a toast or kiss at midnight-- and cue a bass drop for a big, explosive moment to let these fly."

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