Guys, who says your wedding day attire has to be anything short of memorable? Ladies shouldn't be the only ones to have all the fun and personality in their wedding day attire. Luckily there's Ray Li of Suitable to bring us custom tailored suits to mix things up while staying fresh in your wardrobe. His tips for fresh groomsmen style were featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, we're so excited to share here. Check out the full stories here and here. We've pulled our favorite tips below! 

1. Break the mold

The groom chose them for a reason, so why not allow them to flaunt what makes them one of a kind? “It’s important that personal style shows through on a bride and groom’s wedding day and suit selection is a great place to start,” Li says. He sees more and more gents reading through GQ or scrolling Pinterest for ideas, which he encourages. But he says it’s also easy to get overwhelmed. Instead, home in on one plan for getting the guys outfitted that will allow them to flex their sartorial muscle within it.

2. Shake up the styles

Bridesmaids have been donning one hue in a variety of silhouettes, so why not follow their lead? After the groom chooses his tux style and the palette, he can share it with the guys. “His groomsmen can then each wear differentiating suit styles that fall within the color story,” Li says. 

3. Keep it clean

Proper grooming goes a long way in making any ensemble go from special to spectacular. A few days before the wedding, get the guys together for a bachelor party trip to the barber to get haircuts and a straight-razor shave—or a beard trim, if they’ve spent years growing one out to perfection. Or you could even hire a barber the morning of to come and give everyone a straight-razor shave (or a beard trim!) so you’ll all be wedding-photo ready.

4. Kick tradition to the curb

Who says you can’t walk down the aisle in sneakers? For a bash with a rock ’n’ roll edge, take a cue from Mick Jagger and let the guys strut their stuff in neutral sneakers. Think classic white Nikes or all-black Converse. “Don’t forget to ask for pictures of each groomsman’s sneakers before the big day,” Li says. “That way there won’t be any surprises.”

Venue: 501 Union
Custom Suits: Suitable
Photography: Judy Pak
Rentals: Two of a Kind
Liquor: Long Island Spirits
Barber: John Riviera
Hair and Makeup: La Voila Beauty Concierge
Table Manufacturer: David Flatt for Two of a Kind
Flowers: We Create and Co
Models: Billy Sarna, Conrad Clevlin, Fazon Gray, George Trinovitch