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Where to Host an After Party in Gowanus

Last call is being served, the DJ has taken your final requests, and the tables have been cleared. It's the inevitable end to the blissful day, but you aren't quite ready to say good night. Luckily you don't have to stumble too far off to keep the night going. New spots are constantly popping up around Gowanus, so after you're done partying at the Green Building or 501 Union, invite your guests to join you at one of these local favorites.

Photo by Chellise Michael

Photo by Chellise Michael

Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club 

We've spent many evenings here shuffling our nights away. It's an ideal boozy activity - doesn't require too much movement but still gets everyone out of their seats. Courts are $40/hr with court-side bar service, and rotating food trucks are onsite to satisfy late night munchies.  Or if you're feeling generous, reserve a cabana with a 2-hr open bar for your late night revelers. 


Lavender Lake

For those looking for a classic after party bar with an expansive outdoor garden. Our favorite happy hour spot always treats our guests well at the end of the night. In fact, they've been known to craft a special cocktail for your guests only.  


Ample Hills Creamery

Small weekday elopement? Continue the charm with an ice cream social themed after party.  For parties of up to 110 guests, you can rent out their adorable party room and roof deck. Challenge your guests to take on the Trough, a family-style sundae made with 8 scoops of ice cream on top of  a whole pie. Top that with BYOB. Whiskey floats, anyone? 



You've been dancing all night, so if you're looking to keep up that energy, Insa's private karaoke is the spot. They've got 5 different themed karaoke rooms. The largest holds 22 people and goes for $160/hr. We're curious about the deep sea room. Do you think it's modeled after the canal? 



5 Dinner Party Styles for Any Event

The essence of any party lies in the food. From the menu selection to the way it's served, the type of dinner party you choose to throw affects the flow of the whole evening. It determines your floor plan, the timeline, and sets the mood. There are many creative options that lend themselves to totally different vibes. Don't let that overwhelm you. Food brings people together and should be enjoyed throughout the whole process - including planning it out. 

So how do you go about choosing the right style of dinner party for you? First, you want to assess what type of caterers your venue can accommodate. Then you'll want to envision the overall mood you want to create within that space. And then don't forget about your guests. You'll want them to have the most comfortable and pleasurable guest experience, too. Here at the Green Building and 501 Union, we pride ourselves in the flexibility and freedom to choose your own caterer that's best suited for your wedding or special event. Below are a few of the most popular options at our venues. 

Photo by Chaz Cruz

Photo by Chaz Cruz


Food trucks are always a fun and unique option to bring a casual feel to any party, and you can pull up a couple different ones to create a yummy combination. Korean BBQ and gourmet grilled cheese, anyone? If you're going for a more formal dinner, but want to add a little flair, then you could call in a late night dessert truck. Guests are sure to be delighted to end the night with ice cream sandwiches. Ideal for weddings, holiday parties, engagement parties, and of course summer gatherings. 

Though you'll still want to provide some seating, this usually opens up your floor plan allowing for more guests or lounge seating and activities. 



This is becoming increasingly popular for corporate parties, fundraisers, release parties, and casual wedding receptions. It's similar to passed hors d'oeuvres where food is offered in bitesize servings, but the courses follow a traditional appetizer-entree-dessert pattern. Your guests are sure to feel full and satisfied while enjoying a cocktail-party atmosphere. This dinner style is best suited for standing-room events, which means lots of room for guests to mingle. 



Looking for the most flexibility in your menu? Buffets are a great way to feed the masses especially if you're expecting guests with dietary restrictions or want to offer plenty of options to choose exactly what they like. There's also flexibility and creativity in the way the food is presented. You could have interactive stations like a build-your-own mashed potato bar, or set up an elegant world tour of cuisines around the venue space. 



Classic and timeless, a plated dinner is considered the most traditional dinner style of them all and distinguish a formal affair, so they do take a bit more coordination. You'll need a seating chart and a way for guests to choose their entrée preferences, usually from two or three limited options. Each guest will receive their own appetizer, entrée, and dessert, and will be able to comfortably enjoy the food while listening to speeches and toasts. Plated dinners certainly elevate the elegance at weddings and corporate dinners.



When we say that food brings people together, we really mean it. And there's no better way to connect over food than passing a platter of sweet potato mash. At a family-style dinner, guests are formally seated and waiters bring large food platters to the tables for guests to serve amongst themselves. Communal dining instantly creates intimacy among guests whether you're hosting a brunch wedding for 60 or semi-formal affair for 160.


Still need help deciding? Ask us in the comments!